How do you like this old world setting in this modern day era? From its solid oak beams, exclusive cabinetry, and of course, its rustic wear that portrays its own meaning. With its surround of many slats abroad the walls and ceilings, it gives us all a different sense of what possibilities can turn reality.  Literally thousands of board feet delicately placed, brings out the best, all the way from the cathedral diagrams, stairwells and even hallways. Amongst the many specialty items we have the hickory staircase. Every tread handmade on site and custom fit to distinction. As with the shadowed glare, allowing just the right glimmer of light to cast upon every single slat, as it topples the decor in the now. This is just one of many trim packages Specialty Millworks is known for.

Olde World Stairwell

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