Architectural millwork

Eloquent Enough?

With its uniform symmetry, accent lighting and USB ports/receptacles locations, to add that extra boost to entertain those devices, we present you with one of our latest. The soft close hinges that will never allow you to hear that raw fragrance of a slammed cabinet door. What about the depth of […]

Trim Package Specialties

Trim packages where there is no limits. These are not extras. It’s all part of the package. Just good clean fun. Tight joints with an array of bands and precise mullions that just say, “Look at me!”

Modern Ranch/ Venthood

This vent hood is built of multiple layers of slats. Its one of the reasons this monstrosity is such a grand piece. With a completely removable face, it stands at a whopping 6′ tall and is nearly 5′ wide.

Nonetheless, an everlasting millwork feature that the entire family will love for years to come in […]

Just a Closet?

More than just a closet! This design has been hand selected and drawn to a perfect tee. With its of mock distinction, storage that has utilization from a knitting needle, seasonal Christmas sweater, or something as delicate as a mink fir. The fully accented windows of stain over paint add just the right touch […]

Olde World

How do you like this old world setting in this modern day era? From its solid oak beams, exclusive cabinetry, and of course, its rustic wear that portrays its own meaning. With its surround of many slats abroad the walls and ceilings, it gives us all a different sense of what possibilities can turn […]

Radius/Oval Staircase

This gorgeous staircase was designed by owner. With its full radius exterior wall boldly climbing its oval column, it allows a touch of class to show exactly what type of symmetry was desired. The handmade treads of white oak fan the entire three feet span, as full scribes of radius verse oval deception become […]

Handcrafted Ornate Vent Hood

This is an ornate, hand crafted vent hood that brings the absolute meaning to this now modern kitchen design. It is fully equipped with one of the finest ventilation systems with full illumination control.