‘Simple n Clean’

Simple and clean. That’s just about the only words needed to describe this. This is not just some dresser! Its a knotty alder custom built-in unit. Serves to contain extra bedroom pillows, your favorite jewelry, even that heirloom blanket that you can’t seem to figure out what to do with (but can’t part with […]

Eloquent Enough?

With its uniform symmetry, accent lighting and USB ports/receptacles locations, to add that extra boost to entertain those devices, we present you with one of our latest. The soft close hinges that will never allow you to hear that raw fragrance of a slammed cabinet door. What about the depth of […]

Mudroom/Utility Center (highrise)

A perfect blend. This wall unit was built in several different pieces, put together multiple times to ensure the full overlay was scrutinized to the fullest. Hand delivered. Nothing was added. Nothing was subtracted. Just good ole’ honest, trustworthy quality you can count on. When you have those odds-you stand alone.

Its nice when you […]

Brought to Life (office wall)

This was one of the easiest projects that I have ever designed and brought to life. Some clients have a direct scheme of the formula that is desired. That was definitely not the case here. We done some mock decisions, skeleton wall builds, and before you know it, we have created the ultimate office […]

From Scratch

This is not just some ordinary commercial project. It’s one of Hill Country’s’ fastest growing donut chains (all natural ingredients). Complete renovation operation, all the way to the 6/4 golden mahogany carts that made every step of this project worthwhile. The adjustable wheels, the sizes, the elevations, and the unity of millwork from scratch […]

Circular Corner Desk

This is a simple story.  There was a want and a need.  This family wanted a customer design corner desk unit, and they felt the need to contact the right company.

They presented me a picture of about what they wanted (see to the left).

Made a few adjustments to aide in the feat, and […]

Mahogany Bookcase

This particular master piece was exclusively built for a lovely family that deserved the best. It’s built completely of solid mahogany products. With it’s soft close hinges, it’s perfect stain accent and it’s fully adjustable shelves makes this unit exactly what it is. Perfect.  If you’ll take a closer look you can actually see […]


“Look at what can take place in even the smallest areas. This was a closet. Full turnkey assembly. All the way from cutting concrete walls and installing the gorgeous window (double pane). Fully loaded cabinetry with adjustable shelves, accent lighting and pullout trays. This now kids play room, with its own custom bunk bed […]

Custom Cabinetry

A grand feat! “What was” and “what is”. There are very few words to describe this comparison. This modern design of rustic knotty alder brings out the best for this room. It is fully equipped with accent lights and hidden pull out trays.

One of the best features are the down swivel latches, that are […]