Kitchen remodel by Specialty Millworks By J.

Modest Kitchen

…you can see the transformation of what all takes place.

“As you take a look at this modest kitchen you find it clean and inviting. However, you can see the transformation of what all takes place. Modern, up to date and state of the art finish work throughout. All the way from perimeter counter tops and redesigned cabinetry.

Created by Specialty Millworks by J

Solid Top/Right Angle

What makes this gorgeous kitchen its own is the ornate 6/4 Mesquite island top that has almost 32 square feet of usable space and  is built with the surround of scattered boards of distinction, with, if you will,”bread board” style ends with its proud finish and appetizing seating arrangement.

Unfinished Mesquite Island Top

Unfinished Mesquite Island Top

The proud owner of this addition and change will forever have lasting memories of what was and what is now.”

Completed Island Top

Finished Mesquite Island Top – After