More than just a closet! This design has been hand selected and drawn to a perfect tee. With its of mock distinction, storage that has utilization from a knitting needle, seasonal Christmas sweater, or something as delicate as a mink fir. The fully accented windows of stain over paint add just the right touch to put differences together. The dressers and vanities, with their solid white oak tops certainly compliment the mimicked the wood flooring. They have their own style that declare a bold signal, saying, “I’m organized and there is plenty of room left.” The 1/6 slats covering the entire setting, spanning tops of walls ,and adding direction, focuses on the glass enclosures with solid clear pine as a beautiful cap adds simple pleasure.  Immense, clean, understood. A farm house  setting, if you will, that started as a minute plan from another country, now comes to life in this modern day era in a small country town of Dripping Springs, Texas. Clearly inviting. Clearly specialty mill work. And its just a closet. Clearly a closet by, “Specialty Millworks.”