Brought to Life (office wall)

This was one of the easiest projects that I have ever designed and brought to life. Some clients have a direct scheme of the formula that is desired. That was definitely not the case here. We done some mock decisions, skeleton wall builds, and before you know it, we have created the ultimate office […]

From Scratch

This is not just some ordinary commercial project. It’s one of Hill Country’s’ fastest growing donut chains (all natural ingredients). Complete renovation operation, all the way to the 6/4 golden mahogany carts that made every step of this project worthwhile. The adjustable wheels, the sizes, the elevations, and the unity of millwork from scratch […]

Circular Corner Desk

This is a simple story.  There was a want and a need.  This family wanted a customer design corner desk unit, and they felt the need to contact the right company.

They presented me a picture of about what they wanted (see to the left).

Made a few adjustments to aide in the feat, and […]

Cedar Gate (Door) Unit


This cedar gate unit is clearly one of a kind.

Handcrafted, fit to distinction and nestled within its own beautiful surroundings of mimicked arbors, brings so much inspiration to this courtyard. The four inch cladded cedar timbers that have spun themselves into nature’s delicate astonishment, is practically beyond belief.

As the sun feeds the entirety of […]

Raw Wood

The Table
Take a look at these beautifully sliced 6/4 oak slabs. This father and daughter project incorporated more than time itself would care. It has that ultimate touch of love. And this is what Brittany P says,
I wanted to make a table with my Dad from reclaimed wood. For months I searched for the […]

Fine Woodworking

These are amazingly crafted doors. This set is made with solid styles and rails of cedar with superior raised panels of cypress, with one way visible screen. That’s just an additional feature to eliminate glaring, while being leisurely and accompanying the outdoor monitor.
You can see here that these doors were built directly on site. […]

Just a Closet?

More than just a closet! This design has been hand selected and drawn to a perfect tee. With its of mock distinction, storage that has utilization from a knitting needle, seasonal Christmas sweater, or something as delicate as a mink fir. The fully accented windows of stain over paint add just the right touch […]

Olde World

How do you like this old world setting in this modern day era? From its solid oak beams, exclusive cabinetry, and of course, its rustic wear that portrays its own meaning. With its surround of many slats abroad the walls and ceilings, it gives us all a different sense of what possibilities can turn […]

Radius/Oval Staircase

This gorgeous staircase was designed by owner. With its full radius exterior wall boldly climbing its oval column, it allows a touch of class to show exactly what type of symmetry was desired. The handmade treads of white oak fan the entire three feet span, as full scribes of radius verse oval deception become […]

Mahogany Bookcase

This particular master piece was exclusively built for a lovely family that deserved the best. It’s built completely of solid mahogany products. With it’s soft close hinges, it’s perfect stain accent and it’s fully adjustable shelves makes this unit exactly what it is. Perfect.  If you’ll take a closer look you can actually see […]